Various campsites for the ultimate adventure.

The topographical variance of the great land of the United States of America is indeed a blessing from heaven. From the astonishingly beautiful lakeside to the daunting wooded forest, from the serene desert valleys to the spectacular national parks – the country has several destinations for campsites across the map. Therefore, this summer, you will have so many places to choose from and explore when you would be heading out to the camp. The tranquillity, as well as the rich experience of camping, will stay within you forever. To make your picturesque adventure all the more exciting, scroll down to learn about the best camping sites in the USA.  



New York is one of this planet’s busiest cities, and just a mere three hours’ drive away is Montauk. Not only will it give you a much-needed break, but the pristine beach, along with freshwater lakes, sand dunes, and sunsets, will make it one of the best camping trips ever. There are various water activities that you can engage in and boating, fishing, and campfires at night. If you feel slightly extra adventurous, you can also opt to hike in the Hither Hills State Park woodlands. 




This campsite is considered the oceanic paradise of Big Sur, California. It offers several recreational, scenic trail that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and leads to Los Padres National Forest. The campsite provides facilities for single-family sighting as well as RV camping. Many amenities are provided, from biking, horseback riding, surfing to bird watching and fishing. However, campers must be aware of certain things like poison oak, limited vehicle capacity, and prior reservations must be made. 

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If, like me, you are an avid hiker and eagerly looking for an ideal getaway to a high altitude destination, this is precisely where you should go for camping. The campsite offers backpacking activities, hiking to the magnificent Rocky Mountains, Nature trails, and winter sports. You can also set up your tents in the Glacier Basin and have an enjoyable bonfire. 


The White Mountains offer a rustic touch of flora and fauna, bringing you closer to nature like never before. The spectacular sights of the fall season, the riot of red, orange, aubergine, and yellow flowers, and a view of the mountains are all that one can only dreamy of until they visit here. The forest is accessible all year round and requires daily passes for camping in certain areas. If you are going to camp here, do not miss out on the opportunity of hiking the Appalachian Trail. 


This place encompasses over 280,000 acres of praises, lakes, ponds, rivers, meadows, and waterfalls. If you are looking for a campground with amenities like fishing, horseback riding, swimming, and trekking, this would be an ideal one. There are several campgrounds like the Pharaoh’s campground where you must visit the Garden of the Gods. Next is the 25-acre Pine Ridge Campground at Pounds Hollow, perfect for setting up tents and small nature trails. The Redbud Campground located in the Bell Smith Springs Recreational Area is one of the most enthralling sites ever. If you are looking for backpacking, then the Trails of Tears Campground would be the perfect one. 


These are some of the USA’s ideal campgrounds that would highly encourage you to simply pack up your bags and explore all these enticing places. Have you read our ultimate camping guide?