‘Home Sweet Home’ isn’t just a phrase for the house but includes the aesthetics of the beautiful lawn’s ideal outdoor space. After all, the closeness to nature is always a serene feeling. With winter making its exit, we are ready to welcome spring with all its glory and elegance. This is the perfect time to keep the outdoor space immaculate with minimal lawn care and maintenance steps. The tips and tricks are discussed at length on ‘residential lawn care’ with minimal equipment and effective methods. 

For Mowing purpose, we recommend using a gas-powered mower for a fuss-free option. If the yard is a little bigger than usual, purchase a MidWest Can Fuel Can as a backup.


Right after mowing, it is pertinent to spray the herbicide to stop weeds and crabgrass growth. It is impertinent to discourage uncontrolled growth and keep the lawn in the best condition. The grass will look well-maintained and even. 



This is more of a decorating suggestion than a caring one. There are several ways you can carve a path in your lawn for beatification and the efficiency of the mowing process. The gravel path is the most basic one, followed by stone edging or stone grayling. Some owners also prefer paver paths with rectangular or square bricks. A combination of some chips and wooden logs can also be used or pebble and paver for longer pathways. 



You don’t want a waterlogged lawn as it will lead to the unwanted growth of weeds, moss and end up smelling terrible. Therefore, make adequate provisions for the drainage system. Also, make sure that the soil has not lost its ability to absorb water quickly and efficiently as it will cause unhealthy growth of the grass. 



Aerate means better air and water penetration – the two most essential components for the green grass to carry on photosynthesis. Aeration can be accelerated by creating small holes in the soil using a garden fork. This is a process that can be performed once a year and will yield good results. 


The thumb’s rule is to fertilize four times a year to keep the lawn in a prim and proper condition. While choosing a fertilizer, you can follow the ‘4-1-2’ method, which indicates the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the product. Suppose you are still unable to determine the right fertilizer for your lawn. In that case, it is better to take an expert opinion to serve you the best in the long run—the right fertilizers will provide the vital nutrients and let the green grass multiply faster. 


If you have any other exciting tips and tricks for better care of the lawn, share them with us in the comment section below.