For The Ultimate Camping Experience

Whilst many lockdown restrictions might be gradually easing up now, for those who’ve canceled their travel plans or were planning on taking their usual holiday trips abroad, it’s implausible that air travel overseas will be back to normal any time soon. More and more people are looking for camping, or ‘glamping’ this year, with so many travel websites reporting a tremendous increase in campsite bookings. 

Camping is one of my most favorite activities to do. There is something undeniably peaceful about going out into the wilderness and exploring the mountain ranges, open spaces, and incredible wildlife.

In selecting a favorite place to pitch a tent, my friends and I always have a tough time due to the huge list to choose from. I don’t know where to start or have forgotten camping basics. That’s where this Ultimate ‘HOW TO PLAN’ Guide comes in to answer all of those questions and much more — to prepare you for your next camping trip.

Choosing the Right Location

camping season

 The United States has such a diverse landscape to explore, from the Pacific coastline’s ocean-carved mountains to the Midwest’s expansive plains to the beautiful lush green forests in Utah. Perhaps all you want is to camp near a pleasant waterfall. Or maybe your tribe is planning to have a taco and beer night, in which case, camping near a city can be fun.

While you can have endless options, you might also consider picking a campsite with the best view and that is safe. There’s often a lot of information available on the travel or camping websites. So do your research well before you pick your campsite.

Decide Time of the Year You Want to Camp

Best camping season

Planning to go camping in cold weather? Winter camping is definitely not for everyone and can be costly as you have to buy everything that will up your cold protection game, especially during night time. But colder weather also means no crawling insects or bugs and no sunburn which could make a good camping experience for some people.

If you like autumn and really looking forward to enjoying the wonderful scenery and beautiful fall colors, then fall is your season. Beautiful sunset colors make fall a picturesque time to go camping. Both the northern and southern parts of the USA are known for their array of seasonal hues. There are several places to go for a charming fall camping trip.

But if you are like me, who can’t handle cold, then summer is the best camping season for you. The weather is nice and warm, and you can plan lots of outdoor activities. You can stay up all night comfortably around a fire in just a t-shirt and shorts. While summer is the most favorite time for camping, there is a bigger number of crowds. If you plan to go camping during summer, make sure you reserve your campsite early enough. I know some campgrounds want you to reserve your site a year in advance.


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